While land-based casinos do not offer much assistance to gamblers with problem gambling, online casinos are more accommodating. Many offer counseling and professional help to those with a gambling addiction. These resources include 800-GAMBLER, a confidential helpline. However, you need to be aware of the risks that can occur if you play online.

The first step towards overcoming an online casino gambling problem is to understand what is causing your problem. Problem gamblers often rationalise their behaviour. They will try to blame other people or circumstances for their gambling behavior. This is a typical sign of an addiction and is similar to a food craving. They may even act out of character, for instance, skipping work to play or borrowing money.

Another telltale sign of a gambling addiction is frequent gambling visits. They may have tried to stop gambling, but keep returning to the casino. They will also often max out their charge cards and ATMs. A serious gambling problem could even result in a person’s bankruptcy. In addition, the person may become disconnected from family members.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to seek professional help and support. It is possible to overcome an online casino gambling problem, but it takes a significant amount of effort and determination. In addition to seeking professional help, you may consider reducing your gambling activities. An online gambling problem can lead to financial disaster.

Online casino gambling is a highly risky activity, resulting in higher rates of over-indebtedness and problem gambling. These findings also suggest the need for regulating the online gambling industry. And consumer credit counselling should focus on prevention of over-indebtedness. In addition, the gender of problem gamblers needs to be taken into account as a stronger risk factor.

Online casino gambling can lead to a lifelong addiction. Some people become obsessed with gambling and find that it’s a way to escape from their daily problems. While the temptation to gamble is tempting, it can lead to guilt and a sense of desperation. It can also result in the person losing control of their life. The good news is that it’s possible to overcome gambling addiction. Getting professional help can help you quit gambling and enjoy life again.

The study findings also highlight a potentially important aspect of problem gambling: the high degree of accessibility and speed of online gambling. These two factors may be the root cause of an online casino gambling problem. However, the risk is much lower when the online casino is combined with live betting. In addition, problem gambling can result in financial hardship.

While it is not possible to completely ban online casino gambling, there are ways to circumvent it. For instance, Rockstar has already implemented a restriction that prevents players from buying chips with real money in certain countries. In order to prevent unwanted scrutiny, Rockstar has also placed limits on the number of chips a player can purchase each day.