Your guests will love these casino-themed events, which offer the promise of both entertainment and winning big!

Make your event unforgettable with a red carpet and personalized casino sign for an impressive arrival. For something modern, decorate with modern accents like these dice-shaped floral arrangements from Empty Vase at this Bat Mitzvah planned by JOWY Productions.

1. Las Bolas de Fuego

Las Bolas de Fuego festival takes place each August in Nejapa, El Salvador and features participants throwing fiery fireballs at one another while hundreds of spectators watch from a safe distance. Each ball of fire is created from rags with wire rolled into tight balls that have been saturated in kerosene before they’re fired at each other by participants.

This festival commemorates the 1658 eruption of El Playon volcano which destroyed Nejapa town and forced residents to relocate. A fireball fight serves as a symbolic representation of good versus evil and tradition has two interpretations for how it started; either one represents an allegory for San Jeronimo Doctor’s battle against Satan; or both could exist at once.

One benefit is keeping alive memories of the volcanic disaster. The local government supports and recognizes this event annually as a cultural celebration; and while injuries do occur annually, very few injuries have been reported so far.

2. San Gennaro Feast

The Feast of San Gennaro, established by Italian immigrants in Manhattan’s Little Italy in 1926, began with an afternoon block party held along Mulberry Street to honor San Gennaro – patron saint of Naples, Bishop of Benevento who died a martyred death in 305 AD. Each year at this feast a religious procession follows mass held at The Most Precious Blood Church on Mulberry Street which serves as its National Shrine to commemorate San Gennaro.

New Yorkers and visitors come out for this festival every year to dine, drink and admire San Gennaro’s statue. There are parades, meatball and cannoli eating contests, free concerts and cooking demonstrations, all designed to give an authentic Italian dining experience.

As part of the festivities, vendors may attempt to draw people in with tempting offers from vendors like Noelle Scala’s stand on Houston Street offering delicious rainbow cookies as one of their signature products. If you’re in need of something sweet to snack on during these celebrations, look no further! Noelle Scala’s cookies offer some of the finest rainbow cookies available anywhere in NYC – visit this stand now for some sweet indulgence.

3. Las Vegas Festival of Lights

The Las Vegas Festival of Lights adds shimmer to a desert city. Millions of lights synchronized to music make this drive-thru display of millions of lights an event you won’t soon forget! Tickets begin at $15 per person for drive-thru viewing; family packages and Santa photos may be purchased for an additional cost. It runs November 24th to January 3rd.

Are You Planning a Casino-Themed Event? For maximum impact, consider providing guests with oversized dining booths in 1960’s pastel hues such as flamingo pink and turquoise blue – not forgetting dramatic uplighting to help guests navigate a dark space and provide stunning photographic backdrops! JOWY Productions used elegant candelabra centerpieces from Empty Vase along with dice-shaped floral arrangements from Empty Vase as part of this casino themed Bat Mitzvah hosted by Empty Vase as part of its casino theme.

4. Viva Las Vegas

“Viva Las Vegas!” has come to symbolize more than simply long life for Las Vegas; it has also become an expression for anyone interested in rockabilly music or events.

Viva Las Vegas tells the tale of racing driver Lucky Jackson (Elvis Presley), who arrives in Las Vegas for its inaugural Grand Prix race but finds that his car doesn’t possess enough engine to be competitive. While looking for funds to purchase one, his attentions become distracted by Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret).

Owing to its thin plot and sets meant to simulate Lake Mead pier, this film remains enjoyable. Elvis and Ann-Margret make an engaging couple; their chemistry cannot be denied; hence its high grossing status at the time and soundtrack success (spawning multiple hits for Elvis himself).