Gambling has long been part of our culture and has generated numerous insightful gambling quotes that offer advice about money management, not chasing losses, and knowing when it’s best to walk away.

These gambling quotes serve as an important reminder that luck can change suddenly and that responsible gambling should always be practiced.

Bert Ambrose

Bert Ambrose made an unforgettable gambling quote by writing this witty play on words. It reminds us to spend our winnings wisely if we do happen to win; otherwise it would be best not to gamble at all.

These inspiring gambling quotes from actors, musicians, and writers can serve as a reminder to gamble responsibly when gambling at casinos or online games. Gambling can become addictive quickly if it becomes part of a lifestyle – be sure to set aside enough funds for gambling while knowing when it is time to stop!

George Clooney

George Timothy Clooney is a multi-award winning American actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur who hails from Augusta Kentucky with Irish, English and German heritage. Throughout his career he has appeared in such notable films as Up in the Air, Syriana and Good Night Good Luck.

Michael Douglas made his acting debut as Dr. Doug Ross in 1994 on ER, later going on to star in both Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve sequels as well as Up in the Air and Syriana (for which he received an Oscar nomination). Additionally, Douglas wrote and directed these movies as well as Gravity (a taut sci-fi flick) before co-founding Section Eight Productions alongside Steven Soderbergh.

Kin Hubbard

Kin Hubbard was an award-winning Hoosier humorist best known for writing and illustrating the Abe Martin column that ran in hundreds of American newspapers for three decades, beginning with Indianapolis News and Indiana newspaper publications like Daily Independent News in Indiana. A truly original humorist, his sketches often depicting crude yet comedic characters with flair.

Gamblers tend to believe that luck plays an essential role in their game and try to bring good fortune their way by keeping lucky charms or performing superstitious rituals before gambling. But this quote from a 17th-century Roman philosopher illustrates that even experienced gamblers lose sometimes; therefore it is essential to bear this fact in mind while gambling. Furthermore, this quote serves as a reminder that gambling should remain enjoyable entertainment!

John Lennon

Many gamblers believe luck plays a large part in gambling, which leads them to believe keeping lucky charms or performing superstitious pre-game rituals can increase their odds. Unfortunately, this belief can lead to overgambling which can harm both them and the casino.

Lennon’s philosophical inquiry reflects his desire to explore deeply felt themes and examine human motivations that drive human experience. Like his other compositions, it challenges social norms while advocating for peace.

Lennon’s song has an ethereal quality that speaks volumes about his spiritual beliefs. The lyrics resemble those found in spiritual traditions such as the karmic wheel, mandala and circle of life – each representing an ever-ephemeral world that we live in today. Lennon’s lyrics illustrate this understanding through understanding this notion through song.

William Shakespeare

Gambling is a game of chance and its risks should never be taken lightly. Luckily, there are quotes available that can help keep you under control and help safeguard against losing all your hard-earned cash.

Damon Runyon’s quote emphasizes the significance of money management. This includes avoiding chase losses and making hasty decisions; knowing when it’s best to walk away while ahead; as well as knowing when it may be wiser to quit while ahead.

Shakespeare’s quote serves as a timely reminder that gambling can be exciting and satisfying, but may not be suitable for everyone. Gambling should be treated as an enjoyable pastime rather than as an attempt at quick riches; to enjoy both winning and losing with moderation is key for preventing addiction to gambling.